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Offering swimsuits for women, men and children, Banana Moon combines quality fashion with unequaled comfort and the latest trends. The brand's style can be summed up in three words: fun, comfort and style! Banana Moon takes you to a world where the sun is shining all year long.

David L shared his experience "Came to Banana Moon to but a bathing suit with my fiancee and at first the product seem very nice so we bought the suit and went on our way. The next day my fiancee washed the bikini so she can use it and she noticed that the inside threads were unstitching them selves so she decided to call Banana to exchange the item. The person told her that only the manager can do that and that she was not available and she will call back. That never happened, not surprised. We called again and the person told us that since my fiancee had washed it that it voided any exchanges, WTF?! One wash and thats it, please! What kind of lame store is this. I told my fiancee that we should go in person and demand en exchange. When we got there guess what? No manager available but the person in charged called her to help us. On the counter there was a sign that said no refunds but only exchanges which is what we wanted but the manager, after waiting for an hour for her to call back, insisted that since the bikini was washed no exchange could be done. Well after sitting there for 30 more minutes I guess the manager got tired of us and finally gave us another bikini. Before we left we decided to inspect the new bikini and the same problem was happening where the thread was unraveling and unstitching the border of the bikini. So we checked 2 other and the same problem. What a disappointing store, bad service and terrible products."


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Practitioner (Former Employee) says

"Did not enjoy my time here in fact put me off working with children again. poor management who have no leadership Skills in running a team, very behind with the times of how children learn, alot of staff are unhappy, parents also moan about how the children run riot in pre school room. Cons: Management"

Nursery Chef (Former Employee) says

"Unfairly paid, unfriendly staff, and messy management, lots of gossiping, used to be friendly but not any more, management is very rude, unpleasant place to work, but hope their management look after staff good"

Nursery Practitioner (Current Employee) says

"It's one rule for one and one rule for another at this company. The hours are ridiculous. There are no resources to do observations. One room for both toddlers and preschool which ischaos. Since I started, 1 staff member has left and others want to leave Cons: Long hours. Understaffed. No resources"

Level 3 Nursery Nurse (Former Employee) says

"Very long shifts, no flexible hours, unfair treatment and not welcoming. Cons: Long hours and unfairness"

Nursery Nurse (Former Employee) says

"I worked at Banana Moon for a year and I didn't enjoy it at all. The hours at the time were very long and the atmosphere was awful. The staff turnover was ridiculous. Cons: Long hours, rude management"

Nursery Nurse (Former Employee) says

"Really not sure what to say about this nursery apart from the treatment of staff from the directors weren’t very nice people. People were shouted at, staff are not treated as humans. Time off for appointments and family losses were overlooked and no empathy from management. Very chaotic and fast paced..."

Cook (Former Employee) says

"Management is appalling and shes a bully. Hearing her slag of director didn't give me much faith in the overall establishment."

Nursery Nurse (Current Employee) says

"enjoyable nursery setting, some strong management. staff all work together to enusre the best for the children and their individual needs. most enjoyable part of the job is forming a close bond with the children and their parents. Cons: long hours"

Nursery Practitioner (Former Employee) says

"I loved working here with the staff and children who I thought were great but I found the owners to be very rude and not understanding in the slightest."

Martha says

"I have purchased Banana Moon clothes before in stores but this was the first time I ordered through their online store. It is safe to say this will also be the last time! I have been trying to get in contact with their customer service since the day I have made my order so that I could cancel the order to modify it but they never responded and shipped the order anyways. The order never arrived, I contacted the courier who said I need to contact Banana Moon but once again my efforts failed as Banana Moon never responded. I have sent several emails and made many calls but no answer. I am so disappointed by this experience, I just want my refund and forget this whole terrible experience. I would think twice about ordering from their online store."

Margo Wouters says

"A few months ago I ordered some bathing suits online, received them on time but had to return some of them. I returned them in august, but still haven't got my money back. I already emailed the costumer service a couple of times, I've called them but nobody is answering."

Svetlana Škarupelova says

"Order placed 2 weeks ago and still not shipped. No reply from customer care neither by email, nor by phone!
Worse online shopping experience I ever had!"

candy says

"payment for
very strange guys, trying to buy on it-waste of time, all payment options blocked even for paypal methods they want your id!!! looks like scammers avoid this site"

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